24 January 2014

Buy 2 HyperJuice Nano for RM55 Only!

Hello peeps! Let us start this week's post with something fun, shall we? A guessing game, that is =) Can you guess the thing in green that the model is holding while posing in the picture?

HyperJuice Nano 1800mAh


No idea? Okay, now how about this?

HyperJuice Nano 1800mAh


Last clue!

HyperJuice Nano 1800mAh


Give up? =D

Okay, we shall spare you guys the suspense and reveal what it actually is! 

HyperJuice Nano iPod iPhone

Did you guys secretly guess it will be a power bank? If yes, then you can never be further from the truth. It is indeed a power bank, with a 1800mAh capacity. Consisting of a rechargeable military grade lithium ion cells with an integrated USB charging cable (30-pin/microUSB), this beauty is compatible with older generation iPhone/iPad/iPod as well as most Android smartphones.

HyperJuice Nano Micro USB

A patented design, it is available in 10 different juicy colours and housed in an exquisite aluminum casing. Just imagine this, 10 different vibrant colours to choose from! You will definitely be spoilt for choice when choosing the right battery pack to match your mobile device. We doubt we can even choose between two different colours, let alone ten =P

Imported from the United States of America, HyperJuice Nano is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and is able to fully charge most mobile phones up to 1.5 times depending on your mobile phone's battery capacity. Not only that, it also supports pass through charging and has built-in short circuit, overcharging and temperature protection.

Okay, here comes the good news, you can have not one but TWO of these gorgeously-tiny-but-practical emergency power banks at a ridiculously cheap price (considering it is an American brand!) of only RM55! Good deal for Valentine's day!

But if you are single, worries not. You can still buy ONE for RM29.90. Still very cheap!

Of course, we definitely welcome you guys to purchase more, for all of your loved ones.

M3Shoppe is the place to go for more information!

HyperJuice Nano iPod iPhone iPad Samsung Android Micro USB

P.S: If you buy now, you will get to show it off during Chinese New Year, a red one to be precise to welcome all the abundance :D
Till then, x!

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