26 September 2012

[MY] SAVERS' DEAL is back! This time, BETTER!

I'm sure some of you have heard about the refurbished units promotion we have been doing via M3Shoppe Malaysia. Well, that was months ago. Now, we are back with better deals! For those who are unsure what is a refurbished unit may take a look at the description below.

What is so great about this new deal? Aha, take a look!

1. We have DOUBLED the warranty period. That would mean you get 12 months now from the initial 6! Your confidence is important to us.

2. We have DOUBLED our RUD team. That would mean there are 2 levels of Quality Control instead of 1. 

3. You don't only save more on your device, now, you get a RM100 M3Shoppe voucher with every purchase. That would also mean you save an ADDITIONAL 100 bucks! 

"OMG! You've got to be kidding me!..."

-NO! We are not.-

What are you waiting for? Click on the banner above to get one today! While stocks last! 

19 September 2012

M3Shoppe is Growing BIGGER!

Wohoo! We are proud to announce that M3Shoppe Thailand will be up really soon! Stay tuned our fellow Thai followers! Sawadika! สวัสดี

11 September 2012

GEO in the Papers!

Lets see what The Star says about our very own GEO Personal Security Device.

The GEO is available via M3Shoppe.com soon! Stay tuned! 

06 September 2012

[OMG] Ever Encountered Something Like This?

From placing tissue packets or umbrellas to chop seats in hawker center,  now we have a similiar situation taking place in carparks, people standing on parking lots and supposedly "reserved" lots for soon to arrive vehicles.
The measure some are willing to take to ensure they get what they want, even at the expense of fustration and inconvenience imposed on others. Is this the definition of "kiasu" or rather is this right or wrong? How would you feel if you are on the receiving side of this practice? Share your view and be heard!

*STOMP - Woman stands in the middle of parking lot to 'chope' it! 

Ah, If you had a PAPAGO! P3, you need not snap this. Just video it! Lol Nice stuff.. 

05 September 2012

M3Shoppe is Now Validated As a TRUSTED eCommerce Site! Shop Safe with Us!

Wow! We are proud to inform that M3Shoppe is now PCI DSS compliant and a Trusted Commerce site! That would mean we do not store cardholder datas, and your shopping with us is safe! Click on the Trustwave Seal below to check out our validated compliance! Good stuff. =)


Here, there, Everywhere!!!  All we see is P3, P3 and P3 again. Well, we've compiled the links, and the ads. Take a look! Scroll to the bottom and there's a direct link that brings you to our estore for purchase if interested. Cheers pal!

So here's the link! Get your PAPAGO! P3 today from M3Shoppe.com Malaysia & Singapore.

03 September 2012

James Bond? Power Rangers?? NOT!

This is no ordinary James Bond's watch that kill sharks for you neither is it a Power Rangers watch that allows you to communicate with Alpha. It's the 5th generation iPod Nano attached to iWatchz! The iPod Nano is a touch screen device that boasts music, fitness, clock, and fm radio. Sounds amazing doesn't it? Imagine you've got a watch that could do all these, doesn't it sound even better?

How does it actually work? Take a look at the image below. 

Want one? Available soon via M3Shoppe.com!