29 March 2013

Happening Things We Do In Office- Part 2

Yay, we kept to our word and.. may we present our Part Two Happenings! (Part 1 is here btw =P)

However it is not in office though as we had decided to take our happenings out of the office this time round! It was our dearest Graphic Designer's last day in the office so we had a farewell lunch for her (sob sob).

Our pretty designer, Cindy :D
(Oh well.. in case you are wondering, we are not sure what was tickling her funny bones at that time also, hehe)

And what's a blog post nowadays without pictures of food? :P We shall continue with pictures of human beings after showing off the mouth-watering, delectable lunch we had at Papa Johns okay? (drool now, people!)

Gosh, feeling hungry already just looking at those pictures. Hehe. And as promised, pictures of our M3Shoppe group over in Malaysia =D

The pretty ladies ;)

That's about it for now and we shall end this post with two awesome group pictures of ours.

We will miss you Cindy! 


And here's a little note for you Cindy, from all of us here

More happenings to come, folks! Cool beans!

Till then, please do continue to support us at M3Shoppe.com!

22 March 2013

We Will If You Will

Have you ever think of what you can do for our Mother Nature? For sure you have heard about saving the planet earth numerous times but seriously though, have you ever gotten down to really get something good done for it? A little goes a long way, cliché but true.

Earth Hour will still be continuing its last year's campaign "I Will If You Will"

And here are a few IWIYW Challenge videos that you guys can get involved in! Just accept the challenges that they posed and do your part in saving the earth.

Malaysians do take note! You can really make a difference this year to help our planet. For every Earth Hour “Live Green” pledge and survey completed, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd will donate RM1 to WWF-Malaysia’s crucial conservation work.

Even though we have not created any dare for this year's Earth hour, M3Shoppe Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia will still be doing our part for our planet and we hope to share our commitment to all of our readers this year.

Let us all take our baby steps towards a cleaner and safer future. It’s not just about saving energy for one hour, it’s about going Beyond the Hour with lasting, behaviour-changing actions for a sustainable planet.

Remember to stay united and switch off your lights for just ONE hour this Saturday!

Earth Hour 2013 will be held across the world on Saturday, March 23 at 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time.

13 March 2013

Happening Things We Do In Office- Part 1

It's M3Shoppe's THANK YOU day!

Hiya all.. Do you remember to count your blessings today?

We are always so busy with our lives, be it with work or personal matters that we often forget to slow down and smell the roses ❀

You might not be able to eliminate your problems altogether but you can always, always minimise them.

So now, take a minute, relax a lil and think of all the things and people you're grateful for. Smile and say thank you in your heart =)

For this is what we have done at our M3Shoppe Malaysia's office this morning: Writing "Thank You" cards to all our lovely shoppers who have been supporting us all these while.

Each and every "thank you" is written personally by all of us to show our utmost appreciation, for without you all, there will not be us.


Just gotten these pics from our Graphic Designer. You will now know what actually went on behind the scenes!

 Freshly popped out of the oven!
New batch of thank-you cards written in various languages

Stressing over what to draw =P

So what do we do next after writing all those thank-you cards?





Playing with frame!


Thank you guys for reading! Please stay tuned for the next updates soon!

05 March 2013

Everything Must Go!

Yes, we are doing it. Excited much?

CLEARANCE SALES time at M3Shoppe, everyone!

Awesome right? However, this time round, instead of a virtual sales, we are having a physical one at our showroom itself. So you can take your time to browse through our products, feel them personally and try them on individually before you decide to make any purchase.

Oh yea, the sales items! We're too excited that we almost forgotten to mention about them. We have lots of accessories such as watches and mobile cases going from RM5.

from RM5 only! 

And that's not all. We have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion as well. So guys, we have a date aight? Check out the banner below for more information about the sales. See you at our showroom from 6th to 8th March =D

01 March 2013

We Are In The Papers!

Two of our products (WayWay Geo and Papago! P1W) have been featured in The Star newspapers two weeks ago and now we are having a promotion for one of the featured products. Can you guess which is it?

*drum roll* 


And the answer is...



That's right, WayWay GEO, the much-needed Personal Security device which will keep you and those around you safe at all times is giving our much-loved shoppers a treat of

"Buy One and Get The Second One at *50% off"

You must be wondering by now why do you even need a GEO and what does it do, right? Okay, let us imagine this scenario. Might be a lil extreme but still.. It might happen to just about anyone at anytime (touch wood!) So here it goes..

It's late and your car breaks down in the middle of a highway. And you're very much deserted for you are alone and not a single car is in sight. The worst has yet to happen; your mobile phone is out of battery.

So what do you do? Try to walk your way through the whole highway and putting yourself in unpredictable danger?

Or try to flag down any strange car that so happen to appear out of nowhere hoping to hitchhike?

Now now.. Why the need to risk your life when you can be safe with our WayWay GEO Personal Security Device? 

Wayway GEO is actually a compact tracking device with a built-in GPS for sending location and SOS alerts to an app called Geo Manager in order to locate the whereabouts of your loved ones and for them to locate yours at any time.You can even make calls with your GEO device!

This is what we call as having the utmost security.

Having said that, do give the best security protection for yourself and your loved ones today!

Hurry, the promotion is only available while stocks last!

For more information on WayWay Geo, hop over to M3Shoppe.my now! See ya there! =)

*The 50% discount will be sent to you in an e-Voucher Code form after your first purchase.