31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

The year 2013 has come and soon-to-be gone (only 12 hours more to go!), are you all ready to welcome the New Year 2014 with a bang? With New Year's Eve just around the corner knocking on your door, this is definitely the best time for you to make a new beginning, another chance to start anew.

Hence, please hold on tightly to this only-happening-once-in-a-year chance to draw up your New Year resolutions list deemed the most suitable for you. But! Please do not end up like the image below =P

M3Shoppeeps would like take this precious moment to wholeheartedly thank each and everyone of you for giving us your full support, be it in anything at all, throughout this whole year of 2013. You guys need to know just how much that meant to us. Like what we've always said, there will never be M3Shoppe without you all. We truly appreciate all the love and care given to us and we sincerely hope that it will continue on in the new year, if not doubled up! :D

In the Coming Year
Enjoy every single moment.
The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly,
inspiring, and the not-so-glamorous moments.
And remember to Thank GOD through it all.

Time is like a flowing river,
no water passes beneath your feet twice,
much like the river,
moments never pass you by again,
so cherish every moment that life gives you.

On this New Year, we wish that
you have a wonderful January,
a lovely February,
a peaceful March,
a stress-free April,
a fun-filled May,
and joy that lasts from June to November,
and finally a happy December.
May you have a charming and lucky New Year 2014.


Start the year how you mean to go on. Till then, x!

24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a magical holiday season that brings with it joy, love, and heartwarming thoughts. Love, care, friendship and togetherness make Christmas season all the more unique. Without you guys, there will not be us :)

M3Shoppeeps wishes to spread the affection of our hearts into your lives and bringing in pleasure as well as cheers. May all of our dear readers experience lots of love, laughter and joy this Blessed Christmas and beyond.

The Blessings of Peace
The Beauty of Hope
The Spirit of Love
The Comfort of Faith
May these be your gifts this Christmas Season.

Till then, x!

18 December 2013

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

With only less than one week to go before Christmas is here, *yay yay yay!* let the M3Shoppeeps share a quick one on our Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for everyone which hopefully will be of some help to all of you who have not gotten all your gifts yet :)

1. For the Explorer/Traveller

So you have an explorer or a traveller at home. What may be a better choice than our wide collection of National Geographic bags? Designed to suit the urban jungle lifestyle by merging stylish, everyday personal bags with dedicated protective accommodation for media gear, you will for sure find something that will suit that explorer of yours or perhaps you might even find something for yourself! Who knows, right?

National Geographic Bags

National Geographic Bags

2. For the Photographer

In this day and age, everyone with a smartphone or a camera will consider themselves photographers. Hence regardless if your loved one is a photographer by trade, or simply a novice who likes carrying around bulky DSLR to capture the day’s events or your morning's breakfast, these carefully selected gifts will suit your loved one to a T.

A well known and respected brand in the Video and Photo market, Kata has camera bags and accessories that photographers will drool over!

Kata Bags

Not forgetting also the avid Instagrammers, here's a little something for the Instagram addict in your circle of friends. In addition to the many filters already readily available in the Instagram app, the Olloclip 3-IN-ONE Photo Lens for iPhone 5 will be an icing on the cake :P The quick-connect lens solution that includes fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses in one small, convenient package easily fits in your pocket and connects to the iPhone within seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want. Flip it over to switch lenses to obtain your desired picture effect!

Olloclip iPhone 5

3. For the Health-Conscious/Fitness Fanatic

Wahoo Fitness has just the right products for you! Dedicated to bridging the gap between expensive, accurate exercise sensors and the everyday athlete, all of your workout information will be displayed on your smartphone. Fitness + Convenience = Perfect Combo!

Wahoo Fitness

The gift of health is considerably the most valuable gift one can give to his/her loved ones. Show your love to your family this Christmas with iHealth products, the innovator of mobile personal healthcare products ranging from Wireless Body Analysis Scale, Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and Blood Pressure Dock.


4. For the Fashionista

Strut your stuff and be a head-turner. With what, you say? Of course with our HUGE collection of mobile cases. Name any popular phone model, and ta-da.. we have it :D Beautiful, unique, cute, simple, sophisticated, just about any type and design, as long as you want it, you got it!

Cheap Mobile Cases

Cheap Mobile Cases

Cheap Mobile Cases

Cheap Mobile Cases

5. For the Social Media Junkie

All he or she needs is a good power bank. Need we say more? If you still insist to know more, read THIS :D


Cheap Power Bank

Cheap Dock

Cheap Power Bank

Cheap Power Bank

Happy Last Minute Shopping @ M3Shoppe!

Till then, x!

13 December 2013

Make Your Christmas Gifts Pretty!

Hello everyone.. it is 12 days left until Christmas! And M3Shoppeeps are so excited that we have actually put up a Christmas tree together in our office just to immerse ourselves in this joyous season of giving. All thanks to our lovely colleague, Kimberly for the gorgeous tree and ornaments :)

 Christmas Tree M3Shoppe

Look at the bright shining star! Now isn't our Christmas tree a beauty? ;P

Since the spirit of Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, have you guys fully utilised your generosity yet?

If you are looking just like the meme pictured above, hush now, for M3Shoppe is here to the rescue! There are so many ongoing promotions at our website (click and you'll be there!) now, we dare assume you will be able to find something worth your while. Especially so if the items you find at our website are exactly what your loved ones are dreaming of. The smiles on their faces when they open the gifts you've given to them are priceless, don't you think so? Definitely a heartwarming moment :)

However.. just like many other gifts for various occasions, once you have conquered the "what-to-buy-for-who" process, the next big question mark would be, "How do I wrap these gifts?". And here comes the horror. Unless you are someone who is naturally gifted in wrapping presents, the gift-wrapping process will remain as a challenge, if not a time-consuming task to many.

Erm.. pretty sure you wouldn't want your gifts to end up looking like this right? Well then.. it is M3Shoppe to the rescue again! Worries not, we've got you covered. Do allow us to make your Christmas gifts look extra special this year. 

M3Shoppe Christmas Gift Wrapping Service

 All images used are for illustrative purposes only

For just RM2, you can be rest assured to hand over the inevitable daunting task of gift-wrapping to us. But of course we cannot promise that the gifts wrapped by us will end up looking like how Martha Stewart wraps her gifts, but we can be sure that they will be decent enough to light up the faces of your loved ones! As endearing as the gift itself will be, beautifully gift-wrapped boxes will be cherished almost as much.

In just THREE easy steps, your beautifully wrapped gift(s) will be sent directly to your loved one(s). Or perhaps you'd prefer to have the gift(s) sent to yourself first before giving them to your loved one(s) personally. Either way, the choice is all yours!

Once you’ve found the perfect gift while shopping at our website, all you need to do is simply by selecting "Christmas Gift Wrapping Service" during checkout and we will take care of gift-wrapping your presents. It's that easy!

Remember, only 12 more days to go and you most certainly want to hurry! Head on over to M3Shoppe now :D

Till then x!

P.S: Terms and conditions apply, please click HERE for more information.

06 December 2013

Buy 2 WayWay Q5031 for RM299 Only!

Christmas came early this year, folks. Be very merry!

We have been coming up with awesome deals almost every week, did you guys realise it? *gasps* And all we ever wanted is for you guys to be jolly and happy throughout this whole season of giving. Say aww now.. :)

And so you've missed it (we've warned you to be quick, didn't we?) However, true to M3Shoppe's nature, you have absolutely nothing to be upset about. For we will always bring you BIGGER and GREATER deals!

Cheap GPS

See, we did not lie, did we? Instead of buying one refurbished GPS for the price of RM99 (the deal in which you've missed out previously), you can now get TWO refurbished units with bigger screens at the price of only RM299! That will only cost you RM149.50 per GPS with a 5" screen size. WayWay 5031 is pre-installed with PAPAGO! X9 GPS navigation software, thus making it an excellent navigator for your daily use.

Of course, we will not stop at just that. Your favourite WayWay Q4331i has this special Christmas promotion as well. You only need to fork out RM339 for TWO brand new (EOL) devices! Also pre-installed with PAPAGO! X9 GPS navigation software and with its ultra-slim design, you wouldn't wanna miss out on this one.

So please hurry and get yours today before you missed out again on another great deal of ours! You can buy this for your parents, BFFs, siblings, loved ones as Christmas gifts. It's not only practical but affordable as well.

For more information on the features and specifications of the two devices mentioned above, please visit M3Shoppe

Till then, x!

*Terms and conditions apply*

29 November 2013

MY FM Fantastic 15 (4-in-1 Package) Deal

Hello to all MY FM fans and non-fans! (just yet, we hope so!)

Remember Xiao MY (小MY)? Please say yes! However in case you've forgotten, he landed on our M3Shoppe's website four months ago and while he's still comfortable staying there, he is coming up with better deals just for you guys!

MY FM Fantastic 15 Exclusive Merchandises are now available in a  

When you purchase this package, you will receive all FOUR exclusive merchandises; a MY FM Fantastic 15 Design T-Shirt (choose 1 from the 2 available designs), a 小MY (Xiao MY) Lanyard with ID Holder, an Insulated Tumbler and a Trucker Cap.

This 4-in-1 Package is only going to cost you RM99.90!

You can either opt for the 小MY (Xiao MY) Design T-Shirt 


 the Typography Design T-Shirt

You get to look stylish in all these bright gold contemporary graphics and save money at the same time! If you buy these four items individually, they are going to cost you RM125.80.
Just an idea from M3Shoppeeps, you can buy these for your loved ones as Christmas gifts :) Imagine how thrill they will be especially if they are fans of MY FM! Even if they are not, these accessories are still going to add on their charm.

You and your loved ones can be the head turners this Christmas season when you are all decked out in this Christmassy gold colour!

For more information on the individual merchandise, please check out M3Shoppe!

Remember, you can only purchase all these exclusive merchandises from M3Shoppe for we are the Licensee and Official Merchandiser for MY FM Fantastic 15.

Till then, x!

22 November 2013

3-in-1 Awesome Package Deals!

Dear M3Shoppeeps, we have come to a conclusion. We believe the Insane Clearance Sales that is currently ongoing is just not crazy enough. C'mon let's be honest. Are you guys contented with just the mark down of the GPS-es' prices? We can safely assumed no? :)

And that is why we have decided to up our game a lil more.

*Drum rolls*

We are now offering discounts for the accessories also. Yay!

All you need to do is just to top up an additional RM29.90 to the price of the few selected GPS models and you will get a WayWay Carrying Case as well as a WayWay SuperGrip Universal Friction Mat! (The normal RRP of these two combined items is RM37.90).

WayWay Carrying Case

This elegant but undeniably tough case is a must-have for you who are going to purchase our GPS devices! Combining leather with ingenious design, this case has been custom-designed to protect your GPS devices from scratches, bumps and falls.

You can now turn your windscreen mounted GPS or mobile devices into a convenient dashboard mount.  Made of special grip-fast rubber, this super grip friction mat is of a universal design and is able to stick to the dashboard and stays firmly in place while you drive. No adhesive or installation needed! Since there is no adhesive involved, this also means you can easily remove the friction mat without any trouble. Best of all, it works not only on most car dashboard surfaces, but also on uneven surfaces. You can use the friction mat together with the original windscreen mount that comes with your purchased GPS. Now you can opt to mount your GPS either on your windscreen or dashboard. Have better viewing experience at whichever angle you're comfortable with!

The top up price of RM29.90 for these two items will only be available in our 3-in-1 Package Deals for selected GPS models.

3-in-1 Package - WayWay Q4331i + Friction Mat + Carrying Case

The GPS models which are having this 3-in-1 Package Deals and also belong to the Insane Clearance category would be the WayWay Q4331i and WayWay Q6031 (both EOL and Refurbished). Guys, you are getting this great deal on top of the already very cheap GPS device!

Though not in the clearance sales but are already very affordable and considered two of the latest GPS models, WayWay Q4035 and PAPAGO! WayGo! 600 are having this 3-in-1 Package Deals too!

Just top up RM29.90 to the price of the GPS and you will get a GPS model of your choice (WayWay 4331i/WayWay Q6031/WayWay Q4035/PAPAGO! WayGo! 600) + a carrying case + a super grip friction mat. Totally worth it!

Please visit M3Shoppe for more information and check out our Insane Clearance Sales if you haven't!

Till then, x!

1. Terms and Conditions apply.
2. The top up price of RM29.90 has been included into the final 3-in-1 Package Deal prices.
3. Both the WayWay Carrying Case and WayWay SuperGrip Universal Friction Mat can be purchased individually.

15 November 2013

HD or Not? You Decide.

High-definition display is defined as display of higher resolution than is standard. This simply means that there are more pixels in a given area than your standard display screen. It then allows for brighter, more vivid colours, and clearer images.

That being said, our WayWay Q6031 boasts a wide 6" TFT High Definition screen with resolution up to 800*480 pixels. Amazing eh?

WayWay 6031

Whereas on the other hand, our WayWay Q5031 is equipped with a 5" TFT screen with resolution up to 480*272 pixels.

Both of these models are pre-installed with genuine PAPAGO! X9 GPS navigation software, whereby you will be armed with powerful features such as the AES & Speed Camera Alerts (as accurate as per MFM's update), Realistic Junction Views, 3D Buildings & Landmarks, Lane Assists, POIs Nearby, Route Management, Save to Favourites, Voice Navigation, Multilanguage,Toll Avoidance etc

In addition to being great navigation devices, WayWay 5031 as well as WayWay 6031 are also multimedia players which come with a music player, photo viewer and video player features. No more boredom in the car, yay!

Standalone portable navigation devices (PND) are still far from being obsolete despite the fact that GPS-enabled smartphones are gaining their ground in the market. As you can already see, our WayWay is so much more than just a plain navigation device, especially with its great added features.

The best part is, with such awesome features, they come with unbelievable prices!

WayWay 5031 (Refurbished Unit) is now selling for only RM199, a whopping 63% discount!

WayWay 6031, which comes in both EOL as well as Refurbished Unit, is now selling for only RM279 and RM219 respectively.

However, HD or not, we leave that up for you to decide. Whether you like your display to be wide with brighter images or just a standard display with equally outstanding features, one thing we know for sure, they are among the best.

M3Shoppe is currently having an Insane Clearance sales which does not only include these two PNDs but many more. Great deals with discounts up to 68%!

You just have to hop over to our website, M3Shoppe.my to find out more.

Till then, x!

08 November 2013

The BIG Reveal!

Hiya all! How has the week been going along for you? Hopefully just as great as ours!

We know you have been waiting for this. Remember our previous post in which we've gone crazy (read here if you haven't)? Have you guys checked out what was the insanity about yet?

Please do say you have! However if you have not, no worries, for you have not missed out that much yet for now. But! You've gotta check what the fuss is about asap before you really, really, really miss out on our great deals! Notice how many reallys there are? That's because we really do not wish for you to miss out on anything!

M3Shoppe Insane Clearance Sale

The picture says it all. We have PAPAGO! and WayWay GPS for sale at UNBELIEVABLE prices! To the extent that we do not really believe it either. You definitely need to hop on over to our M3Shoppe (click click click!) website to see to believe!

We have WayWay Q6031, WayWay Q6031, WayWay Q5031, WayWay Q4331i, WayWay Q4331i, WayWay Q4033, WayWay Q5033 and PAPAGO! H5600PAPAGO! R6100, (both new (EOL) and refurbished ones), all selling at incredible prices!


Not forgetting the importance of Driving Recorders, so that means we have those too! For sale now are the PAPAGO! P0 and P1 DVRs.

All the items must go while stocks last so please hurry to get yours now. We offer FREE DELIVERY for every purchase made from the Insane Clearance Sale! How awesome is that huh? :D

We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you all for your endless support, as always :)

Please do stay tune for more AWESOME deals coming your way! You can be sure that there are more to come.

Till then, x!

*Terms and conditions apply*

31 October 2013

We Are Going Insane!

It's a week full of celebrations as Halloween is today *gasp* and Deepavali is just around the corner. And so  M3Shoppe wants to revel in the festive mood as well!

The question obviously is HOW?

By going insane, guys! :P

How we are going insane will remain a mystery for now. Because that is for us to know and for you to find out! Trust us, you'd definitely WANT to find out. So please come along!


But for today, just concentrate in getting all the naughtiness inside you out! It is time to loosen up and have fun.

Just remember to check out M3Shoppe website first thing Monday morning (4th of November!!) to chase away all of the Monday blues! You will be grinning from ear to ear once you see the extent to which our insanity has reached :D

M3Shoppeeps wishes you an awesome night scaring away the others. Ghostly Greetings to you this Halloween!

And to all our beloved Indian readers, M3Shoppeeps wishes you a prosperous, delightful and bright Deepavali! May this festival of lights be a festival of joy for you!

Till then, x!

P.S Keep in mind our date on Monday!

25 October 2013

Why Do You Need A Power Bank

You are on a 3-hours road trip. During the entire journey, you are either busy checking or updating all of your social media accounts as well as taking pictures of the beautiful scenery with your smartphones/tablets. Three hours later, you reach your destination. And you realise that you need your smartphone GPS as you do not own one just yet (please get one from M3Shoppe! :D) and you are not sure of the way around.

Ta-da! Your smartphone starts blinking.

Great, and you do not have a car charger. Your stomach is growling and now your device is just as hungry for power. So what is an avid smartphone/tablet user to do now?

Enter the lifesaver for your device - POWER BANK

All thanks to technology, we now do not only own portable phones but also portable chargers. After the brilliant invention of smartphones, whoever that has invented the innovative power banks, for that we are grateful.

A power bank is a device which can charge your gadgets no matter if you are travelling, commuting or holidaying in some remote part of the world that has no access to electric sockets!

So here's FIVE reasons why you need a Power Bank, or two.

It is APPEALING in looks!

C'mon, admit it. Looks do matter, right? And first impressions definitely do count! There are just too many designs with vibrant colours for you to choose from in the market nowadays. And most of them just make you go WOW. You know bringing one of these delectable power banks out with you will make it a fashion statement for you.

 It feeds your devices with URGENT charge

With the smartphones we use today, back-up power is an absolute must, especially during emergencies. Avoid having to witness the battery die in your smartphones/tablets by having a power bank as a backup to make urgent recharge! The portable power bank can act as emergency battery to charge your devices anytime and anywhere.

It recharges more than one device

Power banks with dual USB port can charge virtually any two USB devices simultaneously including smart phones, tablets, and digital cameras with standard USB power input! If you have more than one gadget, you can now feed their hunger pangs altogether without having to see either one of them suffering from lack of charge.

It is cost effective

Power banks are generally not very expensive, however that depends on the capacity of the power bank you choose. If you are not a heavy user, you are able to get a considerably good power bank at prices less than RM150.

It is safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Well.. most of the power banks are made using the latest technology hence you can be rest assured of their quality in the energy efficiency department. Some of the power banks even boast of triple safety protection design for safety and reliable usage. There are also solar powered ones in the market! Just bring a power bank in your pocket and you will always have the energy you need with you.

Power banks literally double your time to talk, surf, send and play with stylish and attractive designs to boot. Attractive and easy on your wallet, it won't be an easy feat to not get one to give your devices the much needed extra power.

And the good news is, M3Shoppe has over 50 power banks with different designs, capacities and safety features for you to choose from!

Come power up your devices with us today!

Till then, x!