28 June 2012

18 Times More Bacteria Than Toilet Handle? FOR REAL?

You must be wondering, what is this little devil that has 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle. Come on, we usually wash our hands with soap after touching these toilet handles, and next we sanitise them. This seriously-unimaginable device has 18 times more???? Does that mean we have got to clean our hands 18 times after we touch these as well? Lets take a look at what researchers have to say.


Based on a research by Which? magazine, it suggests that 14.7 million out of the 63 million mobiles in use in the UK could be potentially health hazardous. 

Hygiene expert Jim Francis who did the tests also mentioned "The levels of potentially harmful bacteria on one mobile were off the scale. That phone needs sterilising."

Not convinced with our statements? Take a look at the reports, journals, articles below.






What can you do? Well, take a look at our CleanZ range at M3Shoppe.com. Keeps your gadgets pretty, and CLEAN!


Interruption Notice

- Due to some interruptions with our logistics department, all orders made today and tomorrow can only be sent on Monday the 2nd of July 2012. These orders will be made via EXPRESS mail. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. =]

25 June 2012

Vacancy available!

Our eCommerce department is growing rapidly, and we are seeking for individuals who seek for a challenging position within the Customer Servicing role.

At M3Shoppe.com, our employees are our most valuable assets. These outstanding individuals are steering us towards our goal of becoming the preferred Malaysian online shopping site

Come Join Us and take the opportunity to excel as a team, and as an individual.

Interested in any of the vacancies below? Email your cover letter and cv to chong.fong@m3asia.com.


1. Customer Service Executive 

  • He/She will work closely with the relevant superiors to support and facilitate the online sales function
  • To complete and update all reports on timely manner. (Inventory & Sales)
  • To assist in converting potential walk-in sales
  • To handle all inquiries from customers promptly (Walk-in/Phone Calls)
  • To assist with the launch and monitoring of any online campaign run
  • This individual will be based in Show Room.
  • 5 days week and alternate Saturday (half day)

  • Female, open race.
  • A good diploma or degree in any field.
  • 1-2 years of working experience in Customer Service, Background in e-Commerce will be an added advantage.
  • Flexible and able to work under pressure
  • Patient, friendly and enjoys meeting /interacting with people.
  • Creative and always think out of the box
  • Good command of English & Malay (written & spoken). Skills in other language will be an added advantage
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Full-Time positions available & applicants should be Malaysian citizens
  • Basic IT knowledge and computing skills would be an added advantage 

15 June 2012

CloudFTP by HyperDrive! Available Soon!

What does this look like to you? Doesn't this just look like an ordinary block with a narrow window and labelled CloudFTP by HyperDrive? Reminds me so much of lego blocks which I use to play during my childhood as well. But wait!

Does this look any better? No! But, don't get drifted away by it's little "block-ish" look. This block may be small, but does BIG! Cloud FTP, like the name suggests, allows you to share any USB storage wirelessly! Isn't this amazing?

Works with iPhone,
iPad, Mac/PC and
any WiFi device

Create your own Cloud
(wireless network)
or join an existing network

Supports any USB
storage device
(even hard drives)

2600mAh battery powers
USB port and devices
up to 5 hours

Built-in HTML5 web app
Works with any

Built-in web app,
iOS app coming soon!

Built-in web app,
Android app coming soon!
Automatically backup
your USB data to Dropbox

As shown above, these are its key features. But how do you actually use it? All you need to do is insert a USB storage (ie. flash drive, portable hard disks etc) into the USB port as available on the "block", turn it on, join it's network, and PaaaPPP! There you go! It's just that easy!

What can this share? It allows you to stream HD movies up to 3 different devices; Music streaming of up to 8 different devices; view photos wirelessly on 8 different devices and share any files or documents with up to 8 different users!

Not impressed? Take a look at the AWARDS received!

- CES 2012 Innovations Award 

- Macworld 5 Stars Editors Choice

- 3rd Highest Funded Kickstarter Technology Project

- Best Kickstarter Technology Project 

AWARDED 5 Stars by Macworld UK! Check out the print screen we've obtained from Macworld. 

Comes in 2 different colours, this is a must have for all! 

14 June 2012

NEW CleanZ range now available via M3Shoppe.com!

The first CleanZ product we introduced was the pre-moistened wet wipes. That was a couple of months ago and we committed to bring you more of the brand's product, to keep your gadgets shinier than ever and bacteria free!

Here we are! Exclusively available to purchase first online, we are proud to present to you these 5 new products.

Clean yours today! Visit www.m3shoppe.com.

Digital Camera Cleaning Kit - Portable 

- Unique dry cleaning technology to care those delicate lens and screen
- 3 in 1 cleaning pen with patented triangular pad for cleaning all corners
- Integrated anti-static brush for quick and effective dust removal
- Innovative clip holster enabling quick release and use scenario
- Refillable with CleanZ refills

Digital Camera Cleaning Kit - Premium 

- Removes fingerprints, dust, and other debris that may compromise your image
- 3 in 1 cleaning pen with patented triangular pad for cleaning all corners
- Comes with delicate lens cleaning function
- Soft brush is protected in pen to stay clean
- Dedicated super fine microfibre that can wipe away even the smallest of dust particles or fingerprints
- Non residual and easy to apply cleaning fluid to clean your camera. Special cleaning formulation is environmentally friendly and safe to use
- Works with all types of cameras as well as binoculars, telescopes, and other optical products
- Compact and portable hard case to protect the various cleaning tools

iPad Stand and Cleaning Kit 

- Compact folding stand supporting three types of stances (Horizontal/ Vertical/ Typing)
- Non-slip rubber support provides both stability and flexbility in fitting those hard case protected tablets
- Ergonomic viewing and typing angle with optimal usage experience in mind
- Uniquely designed to effectively clean (wet and dry) all mobile devices screens and surfaces
- Refillable with CleanZ refills

Multi Function Mobile Cleaning Kit 

- Uniquely designed to effectively clean (wet and dry) all mobile touch screen devices and similar mobile devices
- Integrated stylus with soft and durable tip for more efficient typing
- Auto-drip - Patented technology enable drip-less operation 
- Effectively removes dust, stain and fingerprints and provides anti-static and anti-germ enhancing treatment
- Includes iPhone SIM card pin for convenience in removing SIM cards 
- Refillable with CleanZ refills 

Touch Tablet Cleaning Kit with Integrated Stylus

- Uniquely designed to effectively clean (wet and dry) all mobile devices screens and surfaces
- Integrated conductive stylus for use on all type of touch tablet devices
- Anti-microbial treated dry pad for effort-less cleaning with active ventilation structure to enable quick dry feature
- Effectively removes dust, stain and fingerprint. Provides anti-static and anti-bacterial enhancing treatment
- Refillable with CleanZ refills 

13 June 2012

Coming Soon to M3Shoppe.com! HyperJuice Plug 10 & 15!

"HyperJuice Plug solves the multiple iPad owner's power conundrum" engadget

"The world's first fashionable battery charger" 

United Academics Magazine

*Localised Adapter Included

*Localised Adapter Included

High capacity battery pack with 2 high power USB ports capable of charging 2 USB devices (even 2 iPads) at the same time. Comes with built-in retractable wall plug for easy recharging. 6 different juicy colors of aluminum housing to choose from.

Compatibility: New iPad/iPad 2, iPhone 3/3S/4/4S, Android, tablets, smartphones, any USB Device

*Localised Adapter Included

+ 10,400mAh/ 15,600mAh lithium ion battery
+ 2 high power USB ports capable of charging 2 USB devices (even 2 iPads) at the same time
+ Built-in retractable wall plug for easy recharging
+ Advanced high performance power management chipset by Linear Technology
+ Built-in short circuit, overcharging and temperature protection
+ Industrial medical/military grade AA battery cells
+ 1 year limited warranty

Intelligent Power Distribution System
HyperJuice Plug features a total of 15W power shared between 2 USB ports.
Unlike other dual USB batteries that simply designates "high power" 10W USB port (for iPad/tablet charging) and "low power" 5W USB port(for iPhone/smartphone charging),
HyperJuice Plug intelligently distributes and delivers the maximum power to individual devices irregardless of which USB port they are plugged to.

For example:
Connected DevicesUSB Port 1USB Port 2
2 iPhones/smartphones5W (5V, 1A)5W (5V, 1A)
1 iPad/tablet and 1 iPhone/smartphone10W (5V, 2.1A)5W (5V, 1A)
2 iPads/tablet7.5W (5V, 1.5A)7.5W (5V, 1.5A)

Why choose HyperJuice?
HyperJuice battery packs are designed by engineers with vast experiences in developing industrial portable power solutions for demanding medical and military applications. Unlike most battery packs in the market that use consumer grade components and battery cells, HyperJuice uses only the top medical/military grade AA battery cells and industry leading, high performance power management solution from Linear Technology Inc. While most of our competitors graduate from making low capacity battery packs for iPhone/smartphone to more complicated and larger battery packs for tablets/laptops, HyperJuice already has a long tradition being the only company capable of making high performance, high capacity battery packs for Apple MacBooks. We now bring this amazing technology to smaller batteries for powering iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets.

iGO primo South East Asia for only USD $9.99! Limited time Only!

Proud to present you the iGO Primo App! Officially launched last Wednesday, and available via the 
App Store for only USD $9.99 (u.p. USD $17.99) - Limited time offer! Download yours today! 

11 June 2012

Missed out on our HYPER Event? Check this out!

Did you actually miss out our booth in Singapore last week? Bet you weren't at the show, otherwise, our Hyper Booth would have caught your eyes! Well, here are some pictures of what was being displayed at the event! Wow wow.. Wait! Looking to purchase this products despite missing the show? No worries.

Get HYPER at www.m3shoppe.com today! 

This is what we call Hyper! 

The HyperJuice Plug 10 and Plug 15 comes in a variety of colours, and they don't just look amazing! This new product was brought in by the Hyper team specially to launch at the Singapore PC Show 2012. The HyperJuice Plug 10 is a 10,400 mAh portable battery pack whilst the Plug 15 comes loaded with 15,600 mAh. Built in with 2 USB ports that allows you to charge up to 2 devices, and it's got a built in retractable wall charger. So, looks aren't exactly deceiving afterall! 

The Nano, Micro and Mini series has been around for awhile, but well these comes handy! Chargeable with a USB port and looks presentable in 10 different colours, you are just gonna love these! 

Know nothing about the iFlashDrive? Perhaps stay tuned to our blog and we shall update all on what does an iFlashDrive do exactly. But briefly, it works as a flash drive for your idevices, and transfers your files instantly! Don't you think this is just, brilliant?? 

Ah! Beauty! 

They are watching....

CLOUD FTP! Doesn't the name just tell you everything? And yes! This is the long awaited product by most who works wirelessly. This device allows you to share any USB storage with up to 8 devices, and you can share basically anything, from documents to music to movies bla bla bla.. A list goes on.. Coming soon to M3Shoppe! 

Our Hyper Booth at the Singapore Pc Show 2012. 

The Hyper Girls in Action! Phweeetttttt! Sorry you don't get them free with any purchase. 

Have you always wanted to use your MacBook on the go but haven't got the "Juice"? Get Juicy with the HyperJuice External MacBook Battery! 

HyperShield that glows in the dark! We know you love your gadgets, even when you're asleep. These glow in the dark ones help you to spot your gadgets when you're half awake! So, don't worry! They are always by your side. 

And so, what do you think about this event or even our products? Some products are not available in our estore yet and when it does, we will further update everyone!