31 October 2012

This is Zik - Worth it?

Parrot Zik, the most talked about wireless headphones. For those unfamiliar, these headphones are jam-packed with enough technologies to make even the geekiest audio lovers smitten. The headphones feature Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth connectivity, on-board capacitive touch-control, active noise cancellation, head detection, a jawbone sensor for speech and Parrot's audio-enhancing DSP app for iOS and Android -- not to mention a striking design by the renowned Philippe Starck. 

Despite all the high-tech features crammed inside the Zik, it appears more dapper than geeky from the outside.

For more info, check out the full review at http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/02/parrot-zik-by-starck-review/
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05 October 2012

GEO helps in case you are TAKEN!

*SPOILER ALERT - Contents of this post may reveal certain parts of the film, Taken 2.

Have you watched Taken 2 that was recently screened in the cinemas? Well, if you have, I'm sure you are aware Bryan (Liam Neeson) used a little square device, to ring his friend Sam, and his daughter Kim.

*when Bryan and Lenore were kidnapped

What does it do? It's basically an emergency device that allows a person to ring the emergency numbers preset on it. It fits perfectly into a pocket, and yes it fitted well into Bryan's socks. Whilst in trouble and being kidnapped by the guys from Tropoja, the emergency phone call allowed Bryan to ring Kim to go into hidding, and provided her with detailed instructions on how she can trace her parents. Sounds like a perfect gadget for a Bond-like (well, ok he's from the States and not from Britain, hence the rugged look =p) agent isn't it?

*GEO Personal Security Device

And how is this related to the GEO Personal Security Device? What does it actually do? Well in case if you are "TAKEN" as well, or in any other emergency circumstances, here are the things you may do:

1. Ring one of the 3 preset numbers. It allows you to speak with the ultra clarity built-in speaker phone. 
2. One click on the SOS button, the GEO automatically makes a phone call or sends a text to the preset number's GEO Manager.
3. Locate via GEO Manager. This would mean all you need to do is launch your app, and the app will help you to locate the person with the GEO device.
4. Out of Boundary alert!
5. Speeding alert

Oh well, I guess Bryan could have done so much more with the GEO instead of his looks-cool-touch-screen-device. 

*Clip from the film Taken 2

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There's always a way to escape when you are TAKEN. Get yours now! 

02 October 2012

Share and Win 2012! That's it!

Well, that's it! Here we are! 3 of the winners for the 2012 PAPAGO! H8 Share and Win contest organised by M3Shoppe Malaysia.

Those were three exciting weeks and we are proud to say we gained loads of cool and happening fans who kept sharing for us. So, remember to stay tuned to our next giveaway!

Calvin Harris - We'll be coming back =]

Congratulations to them and thank you everyone for participating! 

Already gone! We'll be back!