30 August 2012

New cool gadgets now available via M3Shoppe.com!

New, and cool! That's what James Bond always has, doesn't he? Take a look at the items we offer at M3Shoppe now. More great stuffs to come!

29 August 2012

Be The First to Hear PAPAGO!'s latest Ad on Sinar FM!

PAPAGO!'s radio ad is here! Haven't heard of it yet? Check out the 30 seconds audio below.

- PAPAGO!s are available to purchase via M3Shoppe.com

We LIKE This! - Fly FM's Super Kampung Style

Have you been well into the Gangnam craze? M3Shoppe is! We've found this parody and thought we should share with our followers in Malaysia. You guys must know what Kampung mean. Well, Take a look at the video below. Enjoy! 

28 August 2012

WayWay for only RM188! You're so gonna be disappointed for missing this!

Albert: Hey dude
Wayne: Hey!
Albert: Have you heard of the latest deal in town?
Wayne: What's that steal?
Albert: It's the WayWay GPS device going for RM 188. Wanna check it out?
Wayne: Come on, you must be ******** joking right??????

--------------------------------------- ALBERT WAS NOT JOKING -----------------------------------

That's right! WayWay is going for cheap. There's a saying, "it's a deal, it's a steal!" This is definitely a steal.
Where could you get a reputable navigation device for the price of RM 188? This runs on the latest up-to-date PAPAGO! software that will keep you nodding your head for buying a more-than-just-decent navigation device for cheap.

Well, it's here, in TOWN! This Friday till Sunday, we've got a date? No Hidden Costs, Limited Units Only!

*While stocks last

24 August 2012

CloudFTP and HyperDrive iFlashDrive Going Cheap!

Wanted to grab the offer you have seen recently via our ads in the paper but haven't got the chance to pop down to one of our dealers? Don't worry! This fantastic promotion is now available via our online store, so, click on the link below to get yours today!

*Promotion ends 22nd of September 2012! Click here to buy online via M3Shoppe.com. 

22 August 2012

Flash Mob in Flight by Kanye West's Dancers!

Thought flash mobs were cool? Here is one of the random ones by Kanye West's dancers from their Australian tour. Check this out!

15 August 2012

Control MANY Birds With One MOTE!

There is a saying, kill two birds with one stone. In this case, Voomote "controls many birds with one mote"! Doesn't it sound cool? 

Available in Black and White now via M3Shoppe.com Malaysia for only RM 259. 

GEO - A Personal Security You CAN Count On

Worried about your loved ones? Not sure where they are? Want assurance they are all alright? Well, GEO has the answers! 

GEO is a small device that fits perfectly into pockets and allows one to locate another using our specially designed app, GEO Manager. Despite the size, GEO is reliable yet accurate, hence you can be rest assured it does its job well. 

GEO is suitable for all ages, ranging from the young-lings, to the elderly. Not only that, it works as a tracking device in case if your car gets stolen, or even pets! (Sounds a little like Total Recall if you watched it, but yeah.. that's how "pretty" the device is!)

As shown below is the mentioned GEO Manager, which helps with you calling and locating the personal security device. Looks decent isn't it? 

Key Features? Check em out here! 

So, if you're one who's concern about personal security, this is a must have! 
Available now for only RM 399 via M3Shoppe.com! 

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10 August 2012

PAPAGO! P3 -----> Launched!

Our way of seeing the P3, one word = BRILLIANT! The successor to the other PAPAGO! in-car driving recorders that brings out the most of it, combining the most innovative technologies into one little device.

The P0 and P1 devices that were available earlier were only able to record incidents, and they may not be everyone's need. However, with the release of P3, even I am thinking of getting one myself.

Lane Departure Warning System aka LDWS, is a newly introduced feature which warns the driver immediately with a warning sound when the car deviates unintentionally from the lane that it is travelling on. Hmm.. Additional safeguarding is always better similarly prevention is always better than cure. =p Well that does not mean you do not have to pay attention to the road whilst driving. 

Front Collission Warning System, a system that enables detection of distance between the host vehicle and the vehicle in front of it. Of course, you don't really need this when you have a car like Knight Rider, but then again, an excellent feature that prevent accidents, not just recording em! 

Speed cameras ahead? No worries! Your PAPAGO! P3 alerts you 300m in advance, allowing you to slow down, making sure you drive cautiously in a "danger zone". 

Full HD 1080p was one of the key features of the PAPAGO! P1, and this fantastic view has been retained in the all new P3 device. 

130! NO! That's not the price! That's the wide angle the P3 is able to capture. 

Bet it can't read this if it was only 13! 

What's next? A hint to you, MAPS! Yeaps you're right! The P3 provides the user with accurate current-positioning and displays real time information on selected POIs around. 

Well well well, too many and I'm tired. Guess I should stop here and leave you guys to find out more via our videos. Check out our YouTube channel and perhaps subscribe to it? We'll update our videos from time to time so be sure to stay tuned! 

Oops, before I forget, available now via m3shoppe.com

Dozing off - V 

08 August 2012

iFlashDrive for Cheap!

The 16GB iFlashDrive is now selling for only $159 via Groupon Singapore! Don't miss out this fantastic offer  guys and girls. That's 3 days left on the deal. Grabbbbbbbbbbbb!

Stay in STYLE with 50% Off All Apparels!

Shop your clothes for less this festive season at Style. 50% off all apparels, it's definitely a steal! Wait no further and log on to Style today by clicking on the image below. 

07 August 2012

Volo, Your Next Generation Navigation Guide?

Did I just mention this was going to be your next generation's navigation guide? Well, I mean it! A look-alike tablet that functions like one and comes pre-installed with the latest PAPAGO! for Android software, this has got to be amazing! 

When you meet a hot Latino in your coming months or years, speak up! Say "VOLO"! "Volo" in Latin means to wish, or want. Pretty sure you guys know what I mean. =p 

So what does this tell you about the new WayWay Volo? Even the name tells you it's something you want and do not want to miss. 

Size does matter, that's what they always say ;) ; This BEASTY device runs on Android 4.0 (ICS), filled with 1GB ram and a 1.0 Ghz processor that guarantees to satisfy your appetite! Noms!! 

For only RM 649, The Volo is now available via M3Shoppe.com!

                                                                                         *Featured in the Star newspaper's StarBYTZ

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01 August 2012

Now, we're on Video!

Aha! Guess what? M3Shoppe.com is proud to introduce our latest social networking platform, M3Shoppe's Youtube Channel!

We are well excited with this and we are sure you must be wondering why? Many would say picture speaks a thousand words; but to us, we do not want pictures and descriptions be your only deciding factor when selecting a product. Videos, reviews, news, updates and guides are vital, hence we have created this page to ensure everyone knows what they are buying from us and how well they work.

It might look a little dull at the moment, but bear with us. We are working on this so don't forget to Stay Tuned!

The link is available via our Facebook tabs, and whenever we upload a video, you will be notified via our Twitter page as well. Follow us on Twitter here!

So you cool guys and gals, subscribe to our channel or follow us on Twitter today! Cheers buddies!
Signing off! ~ V