25 April 2013

You Are The Winners, My Friends!

Yay!! We finally caught our winners on camera =D It's our ultimate pleasure and honour to present to you guys our two winners for the Like and Win Contest. Excited max!

Sally (Jesmond Ang's representative) & Lim Cloud!

We would like to once again congratulate both winners and thank everyone for participating in this contest as each and every participation means the world to us and we mean it! Thank you guys! =)

And like what we've said before, bigger and better giveaways might be coming your way soon so please do remember to stay alert to our updates as well!

Enjoy your gadgets, Sally and Cloud!

Please do continue to support us in any way you can. Till then, see y'all soon! x

19 April 2013

Get A Grip!

Hello everyone! We're back with our weekly updates! Excited much? We certainly hope so =D Did you guys join the crowd in the Pikom PC Fair last weekend?

Yes? Well.. We hope you are happy with all your techie loots!

No? Aww.. Then we believed you must have missed out on a lot of goodies. And when we say goodies, we really mean it! All because we only want the best for all of our readers =)

Our sister company, M3Asia's booth

Some of the products sold at the booth (the mounts, not the devices of course =P)

You must be thinking "Ahh.. I should have gone!" =P

Aha! Fret not, for we are still going to fill you guys in with the juiciest updates from M3Shoppe.my!

Did you all notice the huge ARKON logo? That's right, today we are going to bring you the latest arrivals from Arkon, who has always prided itself as the Mobile Mounting Specialists! You can definitely trust Arkon to help your beloved gizmos get a grip with its high quality mobile mounting solutions where you can secure your gadgets with ultimate care and most importantly, fuss-free!

Let us bring your attention to a few cool findings from Arkon!

First and foremost, the Arkon Mobile-Grip Smartphone Mount with Mini Folding Tripod!

This smart invention which incorporated the already famous mount with a mini-folding tripod, now allows you to take nice pictures everywhere you go. Even if you are travelling alone. How awesome is that?

The mini tripod also works with digital cameras, camcorders, and action sports cams; almost any device with a standard 1/4" - 20 mounting pattern. It is not only lightweight, compact and portable but also can be used with most cases with 360° rotation for landscape or portrait view. Self-photography lovers, you know you need this!

Next up will be the Arkon SuperCharge™ Power Docking Mount for iPhone!

Mount and charge your iPhone 3GS/4/4S with the SuperCharge™ Power Docking Mount at the same time! Designed to fit various sizes of cases and adjustable for portrait or landscape view, this power docking mount supplies continuous power to your iDevices while you drive! That's like killing two birds with one stone!

Last but not least, this is for the sports lovers. Now you can wear your smartphones on your forearm while working out with the Arkon Sports Wristband for iPhone & Smartphones up to 4”!

Made of stretchable, sweat resistant neoprene material, this lightweight sleeve is designed to fit phones with screen size 3.5" to 4.0". While you may be worried about the protection of your phone, you may be rest assured to know that there's a clear plastic cover protecting it in the armband pouch while enabling the full operation of the phone's screen.


These and many more of Arkon newly-arrived products are now available at our website. 

Visit us now to get your hands on them! 

12 April 2013

Your Ultimate Witness- WayWay V270

Have you guys heard about the latest story of a Malaysian driver who encountered some road bullies?

Below is the link to the full account of what has actually happened.


The video footage:


To cut the story short, this particular driver was heading towards Tanjung Sepat and his car was wrecked by some youngsters without any valid reason (according to the story). And all thanks to the vigilant villagers who called the police in time, the victim's life was saved.  Three of the attackers were subsequently arrested and they tried to push the blame to the victim by accusing him of hitting one of their cars first.

Assuming the victim is a loner under circumstances as such, his only witness will be.. himself. However fortunately, this driver had a driving recorder mounted in his car at that time. With the recording in which the police have accepted as an evidence to be presented in court, those youths will be charged accordingly.

If it wasn't for the video proof, who knows what will happen to this case and how long it is going to drag. With that said, I believe most of you are already eager to know what are the best driving recorders in the market now and the specifications they boast.

Let's look no further than our latest driving recorder, the

WayWay V270!

It has all the essentials needed to be your ultimate witness and it is much more than just a DVR! You can even use it as a web camera or a digital camera. This 3-in-1 baby is equipped with Full HD 1080p recording, 140° Wide Angle, emergency backup etc at an unbeatable price!

We used to only have old-style cameras in the past, however everything is very much digitalised now, that even black boxes for cars are invented. A big question mark might be hanging over your head right now, apprehensive about your need for a car dash camera. It's time to skip being a skeptic for a bit. Because we are sure it's gonna be worth it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a dash cam video will be your ultimate eye-witness for it may tell a visual story that releases you from serious liability concerns in the case of an emergency/accident. The camera will record the sights and sounds while the car is driven, providing footage to document what happens on the road or in the car.

Let's not deny the importance of technology in this digital age we are living in. As the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Visit M3Shoppe.com for more information on the WayWay V270 now! 

02 April 2013


A heartiest congratulations to the LUCKY WINNERS of our Like & Win Contest! Your good karma has reaped, guys, just by liking us! Ain't that just plain awesome? =P

As you all might have already known, there are two prizes altogether to be given out for this contest.

One is the iPad Mini and the other is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

And here are the winners.. *DRUM ROLL*

 (iPad Mini)


(Samsung Galaxy Note 2) 

To the winners, do expect an e-mail from us soon! Have fun with your gadgets =D

To everyone else, a BIG THANK YOU for participating! Do not be too disappointed though. Who knows we might have bigger and better giveaways in the future. Stay tuned to our updates always!

In the meantime, remember to continue supporting us! *winks*