29 January 2013


Hello all our dear M3Shoppe shoppers! Here's an important notice that we believe you should take note of, in order to ensure a smooth shopping experience with us =)

*Orders made between 8th of February till 18th of February will only be sent out on the 19th of February due to Chinese New Year Celebrations.*

We apologised for any inconvenience caused.

However do start shopping now if you wanna make it for CNY and Valentine's Day gifts!


25 January 2013

For the Fashionable MacBookers

Callin all Apple fashionistas out there! Own an iPhone, iPad and also a MacBook? And also the type who change your iPhone/iPad cases faster than you change your clothes? Hmm, did you realise we missed out MacBook cases?

Well.. it's so easy to find smartphone/tablet cases these days, you will see them at almost every corner in the shopping malls, you will find even more of them at pasar malams where 8 out of 10 stalls sell smartphone/tablet cases (psst, we have tons of beautiful iPhone and iPad cases as well!) But what about your MacBook? We believe you've seen colourful MacBook cases on TV in those American shows before, but yet you do not know where you can get them in Malaysia. They are just so rare here. Disappointed much?

We are very sure you get the drift by now. Yes, yes and YES! The MacBook's cases and bags' craze is finally here at M3Shoppe! You can now DRESS UP your Macbook the way you style your iPhones and iPads. Imagine the same sleekness but in pink? In blue? Or how about in orange? Yay to all the bright colours!

Don't believe us? See for yourselves!

What's more, they are not only GORGEOUSLY durable but affordable too! Tempted yet?

 'Nuff said. You know what to do. See you there!

22 January 2013

Help find William Yau Zhen Zhong

Can you imagine a little boy lost in the big city? Nowhere to be found, no one he can rely on. He is only 110cm tall, barely six years of age and now he is wandering alone since last Wednesday.

Even when reading the news the pain is close to unbearable, hence what about his parents? How do they feel?

We at M3Shoppe would like to do our part in working on bringing little lost William home safe. And we urge our readers to do the same for William and his devastated family.

Let us all join our hands and pray, whatever our faiths are, that little William will be found and all will be well, once again. Let our hearts beat in solidarity with his parents and not forgetting, to always reach out in hope.

11 January 2013

Crazy about SALE!

Come on, how many of us dare to admit that when you are outside doing your usual window shopping, you will not be tempted to buy something on impulse when you see them on sale? Most of the time you might end up buying something totally unnecessary that will leave you with regrets later on. The cycle will repeat itself until a particular sale season ends. And then it starts all over again. Familiar feeling eh?

BUT but..

The situation is completely different with our ongoing SALE here at m3shoppe.my! There will be no vicious cycle which will guilt-trip you into thinking that your purchases are a total waste. Why? Because we are 100% sure you will not regret ANY of the purchase(s) you make on our website.

Don't believe? Here is a little sneak peek on what are in our markdowns' list. Behold the items!

WayWay Q5033 at RM309 for now only! And we have limited units for it. So faster grab one before it's gone!

There, the picture says it all- "iwatchz: Wear your iPod nano like a watch" but the emphasis is on the "UP TO RM100 OFF!!!" Geddit geddit??

Tell us, how can you resist such affordable yet extremely useful products which will definitely make your lives a little, if not much more easier and exciting? =D

Hmm.. still apprehensive? What are you waiting for then? Head on over to our website NOW for more sale items to clear all your unfounded doubts!

Oh yea before we forget, REMEMBER to check out our KAMIKAZE deal section as well in order not to miss out any good deal on the ticking time bomb! *warning: only 7 hours left for the current deal!*

HURRY before the sale ends!

02 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Hiya all! How was your New Year's countdown? Bet you guys had a blast, hadn't you? =D

Guess we have the failed Mayan apocalypse to thank for, that instead of an ending, we have a brand new beginning. Hence we should definitely treasure our lives more, by enjoying SHOPPING! Where else but at www.m3shoppe.com right? 

Please pardon us for our long hiatus, however fret not, we at M3Shoppe have not forgotten our loyal and wonderful readers. A big thank you for all of your support in the whole of 2012, we have nothing but our utmost gratitude for you. We look forward to garnering even more support from you guys this year.

Here's to a great and fabulous 2013 from all of us at M3Shoppe! Stay tuned for more exciting updates :)