27 February 2012

Kill em Germs!!.. We hate PATHOGENS!

Did you know it was that bad?? 
OMG! According to researchers, personal mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other touch-screen devices are potentially "carrier" agents for germs, bacteria and other harmful viruses. 

British researchers have provided some alarming data from recent studies. Mobile phones harbour 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a typical restroom or toilet. OMG! 18 TIMES! Like any other mobile phone or handheld device, a touch screen is sure to gather germs, bacteria, oils, dirt and even cosmetics from daily use. Touch screen devices are generally a breeding ground for pathogens and pose a serious dermatological health risk. Therefore the risks of transmitting pathogens from surfaces of touch screen devices are very high and even more likely if these devices are shared by multiple users.

So, what is the solution?
Disinfect your touch screen device! It's a smart idea to take a moment from your busy digital lifestyle and attend to your personal hygiene. 

Now that mobile devices are such an integral part of our daily lives, it makes sense to clean it once in a while and prevent germs from getting on your devices and ultimately, from reaching your mouth, face and hands during use. 

Using CleanZ ClearScreen 2-step cleaning process ensures that your touch-screen device is not only clean but also keeps you healthy and safe. ClearScreen Wet-Wipes when used in conjunction with the CleanZ anti-microbial microfiber cloth removes more than 99% of harmful pathogens.

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24 February 2012

The New Myvi.. Now this is what we call POWER!

The all new Myvi's tagline, "Lagi Power, Lagi Best" of course refers to its newly introduced 1.5L engine. Imagine an upgrade from 1.3 to 1.5 on a compact car could make loads of difference, and indeed, it is "lagi best". What is so different comparing the new Myvi to the older one? Lets take a look! 

- New Design
- Projector Headlamps
- Alloy Rims
- Electric Retractable Side Mirrors
- UV Protected Glass
- Read LED Lamps

- Digital Meter Combi with Multi-Info Display 
- Multimedia System with Navigation
- Dash Mounted Gear Shift
- Fold-able Rear Seats for Luggage Compartment

Saw the highlighted section above? Oh yes! It's the Navigation System that I am highlighting today. Isn't it great to have a built in touch panel with Navigation System in your car? You know for sure you will never get lost again. But of course, you will need a reliable one to do the job isn't it? So what do I have to offer?

M3GPS i3, powered by iGO Primo! Built specifically for this, you know you can rely on it. And why do I say so? Take a look at the features below!

Features: -
- Latest & Up To Date Maps
- High Definition Terrain
- Junction View
- 3D Navigation & Buildings
- Lane Assist & Signpost
- Real-Time Route Alternatives
- Easy Search Function
- Lifetime Map Updates & Support
- Many More!!!.... 

Still looking around? Look no further! Get yourself a M3GPS i3 today and NEVER get lost again! 

16 February 2012

Unboxing the New PAPAGO! Z1...

PAPAGO! Z1 is due to launch next week at the upcoming PC Fair in Penang. And guess what? It is available to purchase online even before the launch! How amazing is that! 

Got into work today and tada! Hands on the new Z1! The all new PAPAGO! Z1 is available at the price of RM 488, which is also the cheapest PAPAGO! in the market at the moment. Believe it or not it comes packed with good specifications and I am sure it will not disappoint anyone who owns it. 

The newly upgraded X9 software is something to boast about. The PAPAGO! X9 has similar interface with the X8.5, which also means it's as user friendly as the previous versions. What else can I say about the Z1? Sleek, Stylish, and of course FASTER! The response and speed on this device is just.... AMAZING!. 

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01 February 2012

Houston, We've Got a Problem!

You're NOT going to use the quote "Houston, we've got a problem" like in Apollo 13 when your battery dies off! It seems like your mobile battery dying off halfway through the day is something pretty normal. Remember the days when phone batteries were took to pride, it actually does last you for days, some even up to a week! 

But of course, we have to take into consideration our technology has changed and phones use up more batteries compared to back then. Neither did we have touch screens nor cameras then. I think probably that's the reason why. Oh yes, we spend most of our time on our phones now compared to then! FACEBOOK is the BOMB (literally)! 

So, new phone, bad battery life, what can you do? Worry you not! HyperJuice is there to do the job! Charge your batteries instantly. HyperJuice comes in a range of attractive colours, and its sleek and elegant design tells you its a must have!

What is so special about HyperJuice compared to any other ordinary portable charging pack? Sit back, and read carefully, you wouldn't want to miss a word!

  • Patented Design (NOT any ordinary charging pack!)
  • Available in a range of absolutely amazing colours
  • Integrated micro USB charging cable and recharging port
  • Fully recharge most mobile devices including your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry and many more!
  • Supports pass through charging
  • Built in short circuit, overcharging and temperature protection
That's not all! Different HyperJuice models comes with different unique features, and the highest range allows you to charge your MacBook as well! Sounds good? I'm not just saying it, check out the pictures and videos below! 

CES 2012: HyperJuice Portable Batteries by CNET Australia

HyperJuice Nano 

HyperJuice Mini

Battery dying off? Check this out! 

HyperMac. Power up your Macbook and charge it at the same time! 

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