31 October 2013

We Are Going Insane!

It's a week full of celebrations as Halloween is today *gasp* and Deepavali is just around the corner. And so  M3Shoppe wants to revel in the festive mood as well!

The question obviously is HOW?

By going insane, guys! :P

How we are going insane will remain a mystery for now. Because that is for us to know and for you to find out! Trust us, you'd definitely WANT to find out. So please come along!


But for today, just concentrate in getting all the naughtiness inside you out! It is time to loosen up and have fun.

Just remember to check out M3Shoppe website first thing Monday morning (4th of November!!) to chase away all of the Monday blues! You will be grinning from ear to ear once you see the extent to which our insanity has reached :D

M3Shoppeeps wishes you an awesome night scaring away the others. Ghostly Greetings to you this Halloween!

And to all our beloved Indian readers, M3Shoppeeps wishes you a prosperous, delightful and bright Deepavali! May this festival of lights be a festival of joy for you!

Till then, x!

P.S Keep in mind our date on Monday!

25 October 2013

Why Do You Need A Power Bank

You are on a 3-hours road trip. During the entire journey, you are either busy checking or updating all of your social media accounts as well as taking pictures of the beautiful scenery with your smartphones/tablets. Three hours later, you reach your destination. And you realise that you need your smartphone GPS as you do not own one just yet (please get one from M3Shoppe! :D) and you are not sure of the way around.

Ta-da! Your smartphone starts blinking.

Great, and you do not have a car charger. Your stomach is growling and now your device is just as hungry for power. So what is an avid smartphone/tablet user to do now?

Enter the lifesaver for your device - POWER BANK

All thanks to technology, we now do not only own portable phones but also portable chargers. After the brilliant invention of smartphones, whoever that has invented the innovative power banks, for that we are grateful.

A power bank is a device which can charge your gadgets no matter if you are travelling, commuting or holidaying in some remote part of the world that has no access to electric sockets!

So here's FIVE reasons why you need a Power Bank, or two.

It is APPEALING in looks!

C'mon, admit it. Looks do matter, right? And first impressions definitely do count! There are just too many designs with vibrant colours for you to choose from in the market nowadays. And most of them just make you go WOW. You know bringing one of these delectable power banks out with you will make it a fashion statement for you.

 It feeds your devices with URGENT charge

With the smartphones we use today, back-up power is an absolute must, especially during emergencies. Avoid having to witness the battery die in your smartphones/tablets by having a power bank as a backup to make urgent recharge! The portable power bank can act as emergency battery to charge your devices anytime and anywhere.

It recharges more than one device

Power banks with dual USB port can charge virtually any two USB devices simultaneously including smart phones, tablets, and digital cameras with standard USB power input! If you have more than one gadget, you can now feed their hunger pangs altogether without having to see either one of them suffering from lack of charge.

It is cost effective

Power banks are generally not very expensive, however that depends on the capacity of the power bank you choose. If you are not a heavy user, you are able to get a considerably good power bank at prices less than RM150.

It is safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Well.. most of the power banks are made using the latest technology hence you can be rest assured of their quality in the energy efficiency department. Some of the power banks even boast of triple safety protection design for safety and reliable usage. There are also solar powered ones in the market! Just bring a power bank in your pocket and you will always have the energy you need with you.

Power banks literally double your time to talk, surf, send and play with stylish and attractive designs to boot. Attractive and easy on your wallet, it won't be an easy feat to not get one to give your devices the much needed extra power.

And the good news is, M3Shoppe has over 50 power banks with different designs, capacities and safety features for you to choose from!

Come power up your devices with us today!

Till then, x!