25 September 2013

Missed Us At The PC Fair?

The title says it all! Are you one of the "unfortunate" few who had missed us during the last PC Fair? Well.. you might have missed us but you've missed the deals, NOT!

We are running a POST-PC FAIR SALES, for FIVE days! Yup, you've heard us right. Another SALES going on for 5 days. Aren't we just plain awesome? Great deals keep coming in!

Have a great weekend peeps and ready yourself for our sales beginning Monday, 23rd of September 2013. Monday blues no more! YAY!

See ya @M3Shoppe!

Till then, x!

13 September 2013

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Brace yourselves, the long weekend is here once again!

However, let us not be too engrossed in our holiday plans and forgotten the actual meaning behind 16th of September.

Let us pray for unity, peace and love amongst all the people in this nation, irregardless of race and religion.

A very Happy 50th Malaysia Day to all Malaysians!

With lots of love from,


Till then, x!

03 September 2013

Back By Popular Demand!

The need for GPS devices has grown so much in the past few years that it may seem kind of impossible to navigate around without one. Most of us may rely a lot on mobile GPS-es, however come to think of it, what happens if you are at a place where having signals on your phone is already considering a feat? It will be a blessing to be able to make a call, let alone navigate yourself out of that no-signal place.

Food for thought eh?

Probably you already make it a point to want to get yourself a GPS device yet you just cannot seem to work around the budget for it each month. How about we work that out for you? =D

If you're an avid fan of M3Shoppe, you would have known that we do offer Refurbished GPS Units at a much lower price that the normal ones.

But now, it's even better than before!

But first, what is a Refurbished Unit, you ask?

A Refurbished Unit is a pre-owned GPS device that undergoes stringent refurbishments process prior to being offered for sale.
  • It is fully tested
  • It is put through a thorough inspection process
  • It is placed into a Final QA inspection prior to being added to sellable refurbished stock.

Hence you have the least to worry about when it comes to its quality and warranty!

We have FOUR GPS models which refurbished units are going at really, really low prices!

1. If you need a COMPACT yet COMPLETE GPS Device, choose  


Because it is the perfect navigation device for you. With its perfect size and super fast speed, it complete each and every tasks with ease and precision.

Not to forget its large 4.3" screen and four types of navigation modes display.


WayWay Q4033 GPS Navigator

2. If you need a MULTIFUNCTION with HIGH DEFINITION GPS Device, choose  


Because it is a powerful and user-friendly personal navigation device. It also comes with a complete map info, such as Half a Million POIs (Point of Interest) & covering 500,000km of roads. Not only that, the Q5033 supports Traffic Message Channel, Voice Command Activation and SiRF Atlas V, Dual Core,533MHz ARM 11.

You can also play your videos, view your photos, listen to your music, read your e-books and play your games with this awesome multifunction device!


WayWay Q5033 GPS Navigator 

3. If you need a GPS Device with HIGH PERFORMANCE OUTPUT LIKE NEVER BEFORE, choose  


Because it comes with FM Transmitter, Lane Assist, Junction Views, Realistic 3D Buildings and Landmarks, Multimedia players, improved routing, guidance and much more! It even supports Handwriting input!

With a 5" screen, the PAPAGO! R6100 allows you to see more on a hi-resolution screen with its Travel Guide Features.


4. If you need a GPS Device to navigate in style with built-in High Definition display, choose  


Because it comes pre-installed with the latest and most advance navigation software to date, which guarantees the best navigation experience you have ever seen! It also supports CPU Dual Core SiRF Atlas IV ARM11 500MHz with 2GB Internal Memory as well as Speed Camera Alerts (AES).

Loaded also with Voice Activation Command, Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and 5" High Sensitivity Touch Screen.


Taken your pick yet? No worries, we are not rushing you as this campaign is running for one month from today!

Take your time but not too long though as these refurbished units are limited so grab them while stocks last!

For more information, hop on over to M3Shoppe!

Till then, x!